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        “The Christian Wife”

Darrell La Verne Clayton O'Rourke


Brother Darrell O'RourkeA soldier of the cross passed away November 4, 2014. No, his name wasn’t seen on the lectureship circuit; his name wasn’t seen or announced preaching a plethora of brotherhood gospel meetings; his name wasn’t heard bandied about in brotherhood politics. But because of him, tens of thousand of names are written in the Book of Life; because of him tens of thousands of Christians were, and continue to be, edified in the Truth; because of him tens of thousands of members of the church became soul-winners.

After battling cancer for over 20 years Darrell C. O’Rourke, co-founder and Director Emeritus of the Fishers of Men Ministry, went home. Our prayers go up for his faithful helpmeet, Jean. The Stony Point church of Christ, Florence, AL, where he served as one of their elders, accommodated Darrell’s funeral. You might not have known his name, but the Lord knows him.

Thank you, brother Darrell! Your work will continue.

Welcome To The Fishers Of Men

The Fishers of Men Course is a 12-week training course in person-to-person evangelism. There are eleven 2-1/2 hour classes held once a week for eleven consecutive weeks. Students receive their homework at the first class and a graduation banquet is held following the last class. Therefore, the duration of the course is normally about 12 weeks.

Each student enrolled in the course is asked to commit himself to faithfully attending the classes and completing all assigned homework, averaging about an hour each day.

The curriculum is geared to the typical member of the church of Christ with little or no experience in teaching the gospel. The FOM course entails daily Bible study and training in methods of reaching and teaching lost souls.

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